Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Big Ben Bonehead

Yeah, Rob, I said it.

I woke up yesterday morning to a great Ben Roethlisberger interview on WIP. Nice guy, nothing but class... the hosts wanted to adopt him by the end.

I came home yesterday to the news that Big Ben might be lost for the season, following a motorcycle accident. News sites have pictures of his "pool of blood." Pro Football Talk suggests that the major media news reports of 6-7 weeks out with a jaw injury are waaaaaaay optimistic.

This news would be tragic, were it not for the fact that Big Ben has noted on multiple occasions that he strongly prefers to go helmetless. Especially because it's simply not the law in Pennsylvania that one has to wear a helmet.

Well, there you go.

Someone change this law, please. We don't need thousands of dead Steelers fans on our hands.


Holy crap, it's the trailer for the new Borat movie!


Speaking of which... even if they're obviously sick of the song, Borat + Star Wars costumes + Gnarls Barkley = performance of the year candidate.




Best web sites I found yesterday?

3) You Ain't No Picasso provided an MP3 of The Boy Least Likely To covering George Michael's "Faith," complete with banjo;

2) Stereogum and MOKB gave us the new Raconteurs video, complete with Paul Reubens (not as Pee Wee, mind); and

1) This guy brought us Jackson Pollock. Start clicking and moving, and enjoy.

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dad said...

Dave....I heard the same interview......and within two hours, he had the tragic accident...I hope people learn something from this....hope all is well with you..dad