Monday, June 05, 2006

Oh, It's Just Another Monday Morning

... do it all over again...


Good morning, and welcome to day 156 of this, the 2006th year of our Lord. Or something like that.

I'm feeling good, mostly because I have the day off. I start the new job tomorrow, see, and my boss asked if I could come in a day late because he's going to be in and out of the office all day today. This way, he can focus his love and attention on me all day tomorrow.

So, a day off. Hooray!


I hope you had a nice weekend. I spent a good deal of mine outdoors, just walking and/or sauntering around when the weather permitted. And although we were largely spared the rain that we'd been warned about, the heat... oy vey, baby.

Thankfully, that broken thermostat in my apartment got fixed (at least, I think it did... the note that the apartment staff left was incomprehensible), and so my place has been pretty cool, over the past day or two (sorry, Jeff).

When the heat was at it worst? I finished off season 2 of The Sopranos. So, shed no tears for me.

Had a pair of fun nights over the weekend, one just hanging out on the porch with Jeff, drinking beers, and the other out with Jay and Jenna (Tim and Julie?) at Faccia Luna and Tallula.

Good times.

And I also got quite a bit done over the weekend, around the apartment, so that made me feel pretty good as well.


This afternoon... I'll be getting a pre-career-switch massage to get me off on the right foot. The poor woman who'll be helping me out (!) used to be a professional soccer player, and (I believe) was on the US National Team at one point.

So that's cool.


By the way-- welcome back, Chris and Noel!


So. Coming off a week where we made VH-1 our little bitch (check out the last post), Harmonium continues the momentum by publishing... another one of my crap-ass reviews.

It's been awhile since I've had anything up, and it might be another while to go (unless the Comcast guy who's supposedly coming over this morning can work some magic), so... get it while you can.

See, when Jed gets albums from the record companies, he puts them online for the reviewers, as opposed to mailing the albums all over the country. Trouble is, my internet connection has been so shoddy that, invariably, the connection breaks up mid-way through my download.

In other words... unless I get this fixed, I might have to start shopping at Sam Goody.

And no one should ever be forced to do that.


You could find this at Sam Goody, speaking of.

Bar none, one of my most favoritest teen summer anthems with a video where corporatistas get thrown in cages, ever.


Questionable content for work, here, so be careful... but a friend of mine was nice enough to forward this along, in case any of you are looking for gift ideas.

I don't know that it's for you, either, but... maybe someone you know would like one?


Same guy recommended this place to me, up in College Park.

Any thoughts? Reviews?


Exceptionally important information THAT YOU CAN USE can be found here.

Or not.


You tells 'em, Chaloots.


Say a prayer for Wing Bowl Commissioner, National League umpire and all-around good guy Eric Gregg, please.


captain beefheart - old fart at play
tom waits - underground
beulah - emma blowgun's last stand
eels - can't help falling in love
mission of burma - academy fight song

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