Thursday, June 15, 2006

Quiet Night, So...

So, I had a few plans fall through this evening. Sickly ex-co-worker here, friend with "better options" there... that's OK; shit happens. I ended up watching a few episodes of The Sopranos instead (hey-- I'm almost through with Season 3, now!). And one can never complain about seeing these guys:

Anyway, tomorrow night will be fun, as I'm going down to the ballpark to catch the Yankees lay waste to the Nats with Chris. And other stuff will come up this weekend, I'm sure... it always does.


Big, big, BIG win by England this morning. Sure, the UK press is all over the team for nearly getting their asses handed to them in these first two matches, but look at the results: two games, two wins. God forbid they should wake up, they could actually contend.

Terry's stop was the biggest play of the match. You had to see this to believe it:

Good to see the big guy get on track, Robo Dance or no Robo Dance. Lord knows Owen has continued to underachieve. So... thank goodness for Gerrard's clincher, which was a frickin' laser.

Fingers crossed for the second round. Let's hope everybody starts playing up. And let's hope I learn to record a match properly... for some reason, I botched the DVR recording for the first (and let's hope, last) time.


The job continues to go great. I feel like I'm learning new things every day, and... it's been an amazing thing to head into the office and look forward to the day in front of me.

Not to say that's an entirely new sentiment... but this job... its an entirely different animal than what I had going on before. Simply an all-around better fit, and light years away from the dark ages spent working in my loft, by myself.

Virtual jobs may work for some people, but me? I ain't never goin' back dere again.


For those of you who check Lifehacker out every day (link on the side), this won't be such a shock.

But for the technophobes among us... you gotta admit, this is a neat little gizmo for Gmail.


The long in-the-works adaptation of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay continues to concern me.

Michael, please don't torpedo one of my favorite novels of all time. There's simply no need.


Deep breath... of liquid nitrogen.



Haven't posted a video on here in a day, so... here's a link to one of my favorites of all time.

Though come to think of it, there are at least five other Radiohead videos that could compete.

* Fake Plastic Trees

* Just

* Street Spirit

* Paranoid Android

* Karma Police

Yeah, I couldn't even get past OK Computer and I named five classics. And I probably missed one or two pre-Kid A videos, didn't I?

Damn, they're good.


Which is not to say that they don't argue amongst themselves... they're only human, after all.


By the way... has anybody heard this yet?


This is kinda clever, I guess, even if it gets more than a little annoying after the first minute or so.


Finally, I can't even begin to tell you how awesome everything about this post is.

Indie comedians rule.


Happy birthday, Michelle!!!

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