Sunday, July 09, 2006

Can't Get "You: The Owners Manual" Out of My Head

First off, kudos to Best Week Ever for throwing these three commercials out there for all of us.

Jeff, take note:


I had a nice day yesterday with Rob at his place in Burtonsville. I'd originally thought it was just going to be the two of us, but happily wife Debbie and l'il Goldman twins Sydney and Alex were able to come along, too.

We went into Baltimore's Little Italy for lunch, and I had some gnocchi that made me very, very happy... until I hit a weird sort of wall. I don't know what happened, whether it was the food or not, but it put me into a funk for an hour or two. I'd really been enjoying myself, and then... WHAM.

As this was happening, we met up with one of Debbie's girlfriends (along with her brother), who happened to be in the area... the two of them came to the restaurant, and the girls had a lovefest while I was probably making horrible faces (however unintentionally) in the corner. Stomach was giving me trouble.

We ended up going back home to prepare for dinner. Rob and Debbie had invited a couple they'd recently met online who also just had twins. So, we had a barbeque (thanks, guys!) with five adults and four toddlers.

Toddlers? Is that the right word?

Anyway, I'd imagine that in print, this sounds like it could have been a traumatic experience-- the lone single guy at a dinner with four new parents of twins. Well, whether it was because all four kids were really (really) well-behaved or because... well, I don't know... it was actually pretty damned great. I had a fantastic time, even if by leaving a bit early (7pm or so) I probably gave the impression of having hated things.


The reason I left was because of (yet again) a wave of fatigue that hit me. I'm starting to realize that my recent exercise and attempted change in diet can only help what has become a recurring pattern... that the cause of this all-too-frequent exhaustion as of late has to do with my overall health.

Not to drone on and on about it, but... I've been obsessing lately. Admittedly. And I'm far less concerned with what I look like than I am my health. I can't keep getting tired-- I'm just not that old, yet.

I've continued to read the entertaining and informative You: The Owner's Manual, and it's making me realize I don't have that far to go to start feeling better.

That being said, the book is making me realize how much I let myself slide, and I think that's been getting me down. My appearance hasn't been depressing me so much-- it's more a disappointment, that I didn't care enough to be working out or watching what I ate all this time.



Anyway, I got home last night all ready to go to bed, early, and what happens?

I can't fall off.

So I watched the movie Cache (Hidden), a French movie that came out last year. Very Hitchcockian, completely watchable, and... I hesitate to give much of anything away in terms of plot.

Just rent it.

I will note that it touches upon some aspects of French history-- relatively recent history-- of which I was unaware. I love that sort of thing... I was reading up on it this morning, and feel a bit better about myself for being just a little bit more in the know... even if the incident in question was completely and totally scarring to all involved.



Have you done today's crosswords yet?


Finally, I can't believe this guy did it.

One of the more interesting Internet stories of the past few years, in its own small way. For some reason, this always made me feel good.

So hooray for you, dude. Good job.

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