Friday, July 07, 2006


Thanks to all of you for making yesterday such a great day. It was so nice hearing from everybody, and even my new co-workers joined in on the fun.

I've known them for all of a month or so, and so it actually meant quite a bit when, in spite of that, they surprised me with a cake and candles (and a card). Steve (the closest thing I have to a boss at the new job) even got me a DVD, which was completely above and beyond the call of duty.

Which begs the question-- where in the hell has this job been hiding for the last __ years?


By the way, here's a scene from yesterday's celebration:


Last night was great, too-- a few of us had dinner at Harry's, talking about doing awful things in the ocean, eating cheesecake (thanks again, Teso), watching the Nathan's hot dog eating contest and laughing in disgust-- it's a shame the day only rolls around only once a year.


Tomorrow... condo shopping for Jeff? Hmmmm...

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