Thursday, August 17, 2006

Several Different Answers to the Same Question

1) I'm home at 8:30, right? What does THAT tell you?

2) So boring. Just... so boring.

3) Boring enough that I left less than ten minutes ago, and couldn't tell you a damned thing we spoke about.

4) Does everyone lie about their profile?

5) Something's gotta break, soon, right???


All of this said very tongue in cheek, of course.

Of course.


I called Courtland Park today. They changed up a few of the outlets, which might help... but more significantly, they completely removed the ceiling fan/lights at my request.

The place looks much better now, with that off-center monstrosity gone.

That said, I wonder if I might need to purchase a lamp, now.


Just got a new (*cough*) album.

Gotta go.

Thanks, Jed. ;)

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