Wednesday, August 30, 2006


What's been going on?

* My arms are still hurting from Sunday's rock climbing. I wonder what this says about me. Perhaps that I need to work my arms more than once a year?

* I met up with old co-worker Ary yesterday, and immediately wondered why I don't try to see him more often. Apart from the fact that he's Kurdish... he's a really great guy. I keed, I keed. I love the Kurds.

* My co-worker brought in a mix CD for me yesterday, for no apparent reason... and it's surprisingly fantastic. It kicks off with "The Bleeding Heart Show," has some Sufjan and some I'm From Barcelona mixed in, and only proceeds to get better from there. Hooray for new friends with snobtaste!

* Speaking of, as some of you already know, I got a wonderful note from Jason Allen of The Vorstand Circus the other day. Seems he found my Harmonium review, and more than approved of it. Check out the review yourself (Jason's comment is at the bottom), and see why I was beaming a bit more than usual when I read it. And of course, check out Jason's album. It's terrific.

* Without Steve in the office (he's on vacation all week)... I'm gaining a greater appreciation for Steve being in the office. Not that I didn't appreciate him before, but... let's just say it's been a busy week for me. A good week, but a busy week.

* Sadly, though, Jill pulled out of Labor Day weekend. Guess she had better things to do.

* Ah, well. I'll still get to go to Baltimore, for Paul's 80th birthday party. That should be swell.

* Meanwhile, Mom and Dad are cruising, yet again, this time in and around Venice. If you're reading this, guys, stop reading this and get back outside, for God's sake. And for the love of God, take more pictures!

* While we were sleeping through the preseason, the Eagles shockingly gave up a pile of dirt and some magic beans to get a legit #1 wideout. Are you kidding me? Hearing that was like coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. Way to go, Birds... you just gave yourself an extra win or two this year.

* Congrats to Jeff on closing on his new place today. Signed, sealed, delivered... that underwhelming place is all yours, man!

* One last note-- the Comcast technician is coming by tonight. With any luck, he'll be able to solve my connectivity problems. I have serious doubts, however. Let's hope I don't have to make any threats upon his person.

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Jill said...

not "better", "more pressing". know the difference!