Saturday, August 05, 2006

Drunken Post

It's 2am, and I just got back in.

Since Chris was out of town, Jeff and I had drinks this evening. And although tonight should have started much earlier, Jeff had a few things going on... and so I didn't see him until 10pm or thereabouts.

By which time my one-beer buzz (!) had long since dissolved.

Hadn't eaten much of anything all day.


Work this week was a bit more stressful than it had been in previous weeks, and so... I was in the mood to drink. Jeff was equally up for it... and so we bar-hopped.

Went to four or five places (I lost count early on), and had at least one drink in each. Part of the confusion stems from the fact that a number of places by me (in Clarendon) had lines out the door... and we weren't that desperate/patient to get in anywhere.

So... we drink, we sing, we tell stories, we "cheers," the whole thing... a good evening... until 1:30 rolls around and we (I) realize we're pretty hungry.

We walk from Ireland's Four Courts to the Wendy's, and wouldn't you know? The restaurant area is closed, but the drive-thru is open.

So we walk over.

Our weight, our calls, our yells... it's not enough to get anyone to take our order.

So we walk over to the Taco Bell next door... and soon realize that we are facing the same problem. A car drives up, and I take it upon myself to knock on the passenger-side window.

The girl rolls down her window, and we explain our situation, offer money, the whole nine yards. As it turns out, she (and her girlfriend, driving) are all too understanding, and willing to take our money and place our order... greatness. Somehow it comes out that the passenger-side girl, Jen, is attending Catholic Law School... and for some reason (maybe something stemming from our conversation), I hand her my business card.

She laughs, and hands me a business card from her purse. As luck would have it, she hands me another LEGALSOURCE business card-- but not my own. As it happens, as luck would have it, she's very close friends with one of my co-workers, Summer. She was one year ahead of Summer at her high school, apparently. And so we laugh a good bit, talk, and then she passes me her cellphone... and I leave a (hopefully not too embarrasing) message for Summer.

Who, upon listening to the message, has to be thinking "what the fuck is going on, here???"

The girls offer us a ride back to our apartment, and... for some reason...

(we say no)

Please don't ask why... but it just seemed odd. We weren't in "pick up random women even if they express interest" mode, I suppose. Not that they expressed interest, but still... they offered, I suppose.

For whatever the reason, we spend a few more minutes talking, because Joe and Jane Taco Bell got the order wrong. So Jen and her friend take their food (or the closest approximation thereto), and we take whatever is leftover, and...

I have the best-tasting bean burrito, ever, on the walk home.

The night was just... so random. It's exactly the type of night you forget easily. Except that I wanted to write about it, because I didn't want to forget about it (or the prospect of a Thanksgiving trip to Vegas and the Grand Canyon)... because Jeff and I had such a great time, mostly celebrating the purchase of his new place. And the fact that he seemed to be doing so much better tonight, overall.

Maybe you had to be there, but... yeah.

Good times.

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