Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Everything Must Go

Lots going on... but first, a bit of an apology.

See, I've settled into a bit of a schedule with respect to when I write. I typically sit down at the computer as I'm having my breakfast (cup of coffee and a serving of oatmeal as of late, if you must know). But over the past week or so... I've had a number of busy mornings-- work here, doctor's appointment there, hangovers here and there-- and so I simply haven't written as much as I ordinarily would.

I know you're dying-- DYING!-- to know what's going on in my life, but... I haven't been there for you, I suppose.

I know.

For that, I am truly sorry.


Like any of you actually give a shit.



So what has been going on over here?

Well, work has continued to go well, even though our marketing gal Vicki is moving back to San Francisco at the end of next week. Which kinda sucks, even though (or perhaps because) I never really got to know her. She seems pretty damned great, and I know it's got some of the elder statesmen in the office all teary-eyed.

Her going-away party (which I think is next Friday night) should be a blast, though... there's some great worlds-colliding potential there. Her friends, co-workers, alcohol... only good can come of this, right?

Am I right???


The big news today is legitimately big-- Jeff's offer was accepted. A big, big step towards making that condo his. So hearty congratulations (for the umpteenth time today) to Jeff.

His housing search started and finished pretty quickly, and he's plenty freaked out by that... but the truth is that the place he found is great, it's in absolutely terrific shape, and it's more than funky enough to make him enjoy his time there.

And if he doesn't... I know I will.

Congratulations, broseph.


The other big news is that I have been de-fanged.

For the longest time, I had no idea that I was part-werewolf. But a few years back, when I was still living in Atlanta, Abby and I went to a deli in Buckhead. Which is completely off-subject, except for the fact that after I'd placed my order to the guy behind the counter, the dude yelled at me, pointed at my mouf and said

"Dude! You've got fangs!"

Which was more amusing than disturbing, to be honest... but from that point on, I always noticed my incisors as being... outwardly sized and overly pointy.

Well, Chris recommended a new dentist (one closer to my office downtown)... and I visited today. Wouldn't you know that he strapped a belt sander to my face (actually, a small instrument the size of a pencil) and rounded off my canines?

It took less than a minute, he didn't even charge me for it, and best of all...

I am human, once again.



You know how the dating situation goes.

I won't go into it here... but it's another reason why I haven't been writing. I don't feel like sharing that portion of my life electronically... and frankly, it's been taking up a good bit of what's been going on.

That said, who knows which currents or ex-es or whomever knows of this site, you know?

So... things are good, but generally better left untyped. I'm sure you understand, even if for some reason you want the skinny. You can always ask, y'know.


I am very excited to see Paul and Ilise tomorrow night... it's been too long, and I have no excuse, as (shame on me) Paul has DJ'ed a few times as of late at Mr. Days in Clarendon.

If it weren't for my 9pm bedtime, I'd go and say hello.

I wish I weren't such an old man. ;)

Anyway... it will be great to catch up.

And then this weekend should be even more of a blast (with all due respect, Ilise), as I drive up to Jersey to see Shane and her husband for the first time in years. It's been WAY too long, and so we'll have a LOT of catching up to do, I'm sure.

I'm guessing that the wine will be flowing, which is a good thing, mos def.


What else? Hmmm... I'm struggling to think, though I would mention that if you are a Beasties fan, you should check out Awesome! I Fuckin' Shot That! if you have not already done so. If only for the bonus features alone... they'll give you a few chortles.

And the music's pretty good, too, though they could have cut 5 of their fucking instrumentals out and replaced them with, oh, anything from Paul's Boutique, maybe?

Too much to ask?


Oh, yeah. Another thing: my computer's back on the fritz again.

I've had it with this fucking thing.

Back to ye olde typewriter.


Something else: I just met someone who dated one of the guys in Phantom Planet.

Which would be a less than interesting point, but for the fact that she knew and was close with ex-drummer Jason Schwartzmann. The two of them used to chat all the time, prior to and presumably during the Rushmore years.

I was two degrees from Max Fischer, dammit!

She said he was a nice guy, too. I'm so glad my image of him didn't have to be thrown in the toilet. Good for him for being a mensch.


My building elevator? When it dings, it sounds like the opening note of "No Surprises."

Every day, I get off the elevator to walk back to my apartment (or to leave the building in the morning), and I'm humming Radiohead.

I love my building.

Even if the lobby smells like crack.


I highly recommend you go to Defamer and check out several days' worth (literally) of Mel Gibson-related links. So many off-color, bitchy, inappropriate items... it's hard to link to just one.

Oh, yeah... if you go to Pitchfork and, you can find new videos by Thom Yorke, TV on the Radio and Beck (from his upcoming hip-hop album).

You're going to want to see at least a few of these, guaranteed.


Gotta go. This is making me sleepy.

Sorry that this was all text, but for some reason I can't get the pictures to work.

This fucking computer...

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