Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fill In the Blanks


The past several days have been really, really eventful. So much so that, in certain areas... I don't know that I can divulge everything.

Not here, anyway.

1) Despite the fact that I ate like a pig this week (relatively speaking), as well as the fact that I worked out even less than usual due to pain and/or laziness, I lost another __ lbs., bringing my grand total (lost) to date to ___. So far, so good.

2) Even though I paid over $_____ for a cleaning, my new dentist is fast becoming my best friend.

OK... not quite.

But I've had a good bit done to my toofuses as of late, much of which was necessary given how little my dentists have done for me in the past, apparently.

In the next month or so, I'll be spending $_____ more to get my wisdom teeth removed. Which should be great fun.

3) Last night I _____________, which I hadn't done in a very long time.

I was nervous, but pulled through like a champ, thanks to ________ not giving me a hard time about it.

Good times.

4) I'm going out tonight with a whole bunch of co-workers, and meeting up with ______ and ______ beforehand for a little pre-game ceremony.

Things could be awkward. I won't know more than five or six people there, as it's a(nother) going-away party for ________, this time thrown by her non-work friends.

Apparently, there will be plenty of _______ _________ there, so who knows?

Combine that with the possibility of a Teso cameo, and things might not be so bad. In fact, they may be quite good. Who knows?

5) I have plans to see ________ ___________ tomorrow for brunch... it'll be my first time _____________ ____. And there's also the possibility of catching up with _________ ___________, who I met the other night at the ________________ thing.

Please keep your __________ crossed.

Restless, me.

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