Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The New Look

It's two posts after the fact, granted... but guess what? I'm celebrating my 500th post at this site.

That's right-- close to two years worth of "Farting Preacher"-style material, day in and day out. Nothing but quality here, folks.


Jesus. In the words of a great American (movie), "I am one pathetic loser."


Whaddya think of the new digs?

See, Blogger Beta was released this week, and, well, I've decided to give the 'ol Trip (shoot me) a bit of a test drive. You'll notice that the site's colors and layout have changed a good deal; more changes may be in store, depending on how adventurous I feel.

I like the new look, myself, but I would warn you of one small thing... my hotlinks are a bit harder to see, now. As you may have already noticed, the colors are a bit different... they're no longer underlined.

Just a heads-up.

So... let me know your thoughts. Especially since you've been slacking-- I haven't gotten comments from you in awhile, now!


On a completely separate note... estrogen.

I bring that up, not because I just watched Mad Hot Ballroom (and I did, and absolutely loved it), but due to the fact that I'm about to regale you with baby pictures.

That's right. Baby pictures.

Check out my nephew, Ryan, in full 700-level-worthy Eagles regalia:

And in the interests of fairness, Rob and Debbie's twins:

Sydney and Alex are the bomb, yo.

If you have any children you'd like me to post... hey! Just let me know! I'll turn this place into a frickin' nursery by week's end!



Hey-- I forgot to point you towards good 'ol Harmonium, where Jed decided to re-post my review of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin's debut CD, Broom.

Seems some bloggers are picking up on it now, whereas we... we had it last October.

Chew on THAT.


Pop quiz, hotshots:

One week from today, what life-altering event will be taking place?

The return of "Don't Talk Shit," more popularly known as The Ricky Gervais Podcast. It's Series 3, bitches-- so be there, or be square. Get thee to iTunes now, to prepare.

Either way, whether you are curious or not, Ricky and Stephen have Karl Pilkington in their life, and they're willing to share him... so take my advice, and take advantage.



Look who hit New York?

It's Banksy!!!





I'll keep posting about the Borat movie until you swear you'll see it with me.

And in case you haven't heard it, yet, dig that subtitle... how awesome is that?


I know several of you have heard this already, but... here's some Radiodread anyway, complete with song samples.




This post at Bradley's Almanac is simply too great, even if the Kings felt the need to mix in a Grease cover.

Ah, well. You take the good, you take the bad.


Forgot to mention how great The Last Waltz was... but then, you already knew that.


beulah - you're only king once
a tribe called quest - electric relaxation
fleetwood mac - you make loving fun
kanye west - the new workout plan
nada surf - all you need is love


Anonymous said...

That kid in the Eagles jersey rocks!! Do you think he knows about Wing Bowl yet?

David said...

I wish I knew who "anonymous" was/is...

Ryan will be particpating in this year's Wing Bowl, and I think the over/under will be set at 154 wings. Knowing his lineage the way I do... I'd take the over.