Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oh My God, It's A

... link dump!

It's been awhile, but here's some of the non-K-Fed-related weirdness I've wanted to share as of late.

1) First of all, and you knew this already, but... your band name sucks.

2) I typically don't post links to trailers for music DVDs, but this one promises to be good. My Morning Jacket is releasing a 2CD live album called "Okoknokos" in a few weeks, and... well, they're really, really good.

3) Assuming that you still like Pearl Jam, as I do, this site is for you.

4) Just... click here. To say more would be to spoil the life lessons that lay behind the link.

5) Fun with the information superhighway... does it ever stop? If you go to this site, you can show your friends your Tally Hall at Madison Square Garden tickets! Awesome!

6) "Mommy? Why is Spicoli screaming at me?"

7) New layout at one of my favorite sites, The Jaker.

8) Even more astonishing, Andy has brought his site back from the dead. He even included a picture of his new daughter, Mackenzie Jordan!

9) This guy deserved better... so he patted himself on the back.

10) The name of this link spoils the clip, but it's worth the 10-second watch, anyway.

11) Lots of people were talking about this earlier this week: Conan's opening bit from the Emmy's. Gotta love Conan.

12) I'm getting tired of all these links. You?

13) Check out the chicken noodle soup dance, over at Aziz's site. I guarantee you'll like this one.

14) Did you know that Little Richard was still alive? And still, uh, out there?

15) One of the best singles from one of the best bands. I'd never seen this before... shame, really, as it's pretty great and (yawn) takes me back to 'ol Blighty, or something like that.

16) And from that to one of the worst videos of all time. Number two on that list, if I'm not mistaken (name #1 and I'll buy you a cookie): here's Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson's video for "Whatzupwitu".

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