Friday, September 08, 2006

An Eventful Day

1) My iPod died.

You heard me. I was getting ready to go home on the Metro, turned on my iPod, and the screen was a jumble. And the songs wouldn't play. So I turned it off and immediately went to the Apple store, to the Genius bar, and the guy told me the iPod had died, inexplicably. Nothing to do with me.

The iPod being less than nine months old, by the way.

I downloaded a program, at their suggestion, to rip the songs off my old one... and now I'm in the process of (a) storing them (temporarily) on my computer, exchanging my old iPod for a new one (presumably for free), and then re-burning (?) the songs onto the new iPod.

So, I am in the process of resuscitation. Thank goodness the songs themselves weren't lost-- at least it doesn't appear that way. BUT, because I had comparatively little stored on iTunes... I'm going to have to spend days ripping and burning, effectively starting at square one with respect to the CDs I actually own.

Now might be a good time, as Jeff noted, to invest in an external hard drive.

Please, please, please keep your fingers crossed for me. This was always one of my biggest non-family-related nightmares, and now... yeah.

Just keep your fingers crossed for me.

2) I got my new floor lamps delivered from West Elm. They look really, really terrific, if you don't mind my saying.

3) At work, yesterday, I put my foot in my mouth going to bat for someone. Too complicated a story to get into, but the long and the short of it is that my intentions were good, and no one got hurt. Just embarrassed.

4) Jeff came over for the first half of the football game last night, some beer and some pizza. Definitely a good time, especially as I'd just learned about points 1-3 above, and needed a good night.

5) Unbelievable geek news, here: Ricky Gervais did NOT retire David Brent, after all. I haven't watched these two videos, yet... but if you're a fan of the UK office, they are obviously required viewing.

6) The new trailer for Casino Royale? Especially towards the end? It more than does the job. I might actually want to see the movie, now.

7) "It's getting better all the time." You know how that lyric wraps up, yes?

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shellyb said...

I second the suggestion of getting an external hard drive. I've got one and it makes a world of difference when one or two of your computers die or if you have a cute child and take a bazillion photos of him or if you likey the muzak.