Monday, September 04, 2006

Final Odds and Ends

* I plan to get back on the horse(s) this week. I'll explain later.

* Earlier this evening, I gave Jed a draft of my review of The Crane Wife. I'm trying something different, and it's going to take some effort to get it to work, but... it's an idea. As usual, it took a fascinatingly short amount of time to draft. It will take longer to hone, especially this time out.

* I dropped off a lot of crap to Goodwill today-- felt good to do so. It felt doubly good to do so, as some of it reminded me of an earlier time.

* Someone stopped by my apartment today and fixed my door. It no longer requires a significant amount of effort to open and close the thing. Wish I could say the same thing about my computer.

* After watching Match Point this weekend, my first thought was that I should giftwrap the movie and give it someone I know. Then... I thought better of it.

* Tomorrow starts the suit season. No more 1997-era khakis for me; it's two- and three-buttons for the next several months. It's enough to make me long for cold(er) days and offices.

* Welcome back, Jeff. You made the right decision.

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