Saturday, September 02, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

I hope you're away. Or relaxing. Or asleep.

Scratch that. You've got some free time, and you're going to waste it, sleeping?


My biggest chore this weekend is to slog through this horrendous weather. I'm praying that things lighten up a bit, because the general feeling (seemingly shared by everyone I'm running into as of late) is that of... overcast skies. Of grey. Of neverending rain and inverted umbrellas.

How's about some sunshine? Please? Just for a few hours?


My Internet connection continues to be tempermental at best, but hey. Whatcha gonna do.

My boss and my dad mentioned looking into Verizon's FiOS, as an alternative to Comcast. Unfortunately, it's not yet available in my neck of the woods, despite Arlington, VA being one of the most populated areas of the entire f'g country.




Panic! at the Disco's song "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies," apparently won the Video of the Year award this past week at the VMAs. It was (I think) the first time that I hadn't even heard the song, let alone seen the video, since, well, whenever.

So I just found the video online, and watched it. About five seconds ago-- couldn't have been much more than that.

And... I've already forgotten it.

Maybe it sounds different, impressive and/or awesome to teens?


Dreading is too strong a word, but my work attire shifts from business casual to suit and tie this coming week.

Mercifully, I've got a few suits, but I might need to replenish the shirt supply. And ties. And shoes. And suits.

Really, I don't need to do anything... but I haven't spent any money in, like, hours. And I'm getting itchy.


Tell me that you saw this.

I never watch The Today Show anymore, but somehow I stumbled upon it... and the level of ignorance and stupidity was staggering, even for Bush's standards.


I'll post more later, when my mood has improved. And it will, trust me.


the lemonheads - no backbone
inxs - don't change
electronic - getting away with it (HELL YES)
mudhoney - touch me i'm sick
i'm from barcelona - we're from barcelona

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