Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Last Night's Astonishing Array of Dick Jokes

Before I tell you about that, though (can you contain your excitement???), be sure to check this clip of Tom Jackson and Michael Irvin out... many, many thanks to Jay for passing this along.

It is such a thing of beauty; words can not do it justice.


Last night, Jeff and I caught a sold out "Comedians of Comedy" show at the Black Cat. And though we (Jeff) were (was) extraordinarily tired... it was a great time.

Three hours of non-stop larfs. Really a lot of fun, even if sleep-deprived Jeff had to catch an early train this morning.

Please say a prayer for him, today, if you get a chance.

After a brief intro/pre-set by Patton Oswalt, Morgan Murphy started things out. Now, female comedians are usually about as laugh-a-minute as, well, Rita Rudner-- but Ms. Murphy acquitted herself quite nicely. It didn't hurt that Oswalt credited her for writing half of his Shatner roast material.

So we were primed for hilarity!

Her character, if there was one? What type of performer was she? Eh... dry, cynical, vaguely burned-out comedienne... the type of delivery where, even though the jokes were funny, I knew that each one had been said 424 times prior.

And that each additional delivery took a small part of her soul.

Ah, well. For an opener, she was terrif.

I'm not going to lie. I won't say a bad word about Brian Posehn. And it's not because he's hysterical, and I'm an apologist, which he is, and which I am. It's not even because he may (may) have been the most attractive person in the room last night.

It's just that... well, look at him. You say something bad about him, and he may just murder you and eat your soul.

Speaking of, lifelong metalhead Brian noted that he's six-foot-six, or, more precisely, six-foot-six.six, "the height of the beast."

Awesome. We love Mr. Show alums.

Though it wouldn't have been such a horrible thing if he could have gone five seconds without talking about his johnson.

After Brian, the palate cleansing comedy stylings of Eugene Mirman. Now, this was the second time I'd seen Eugene in a few months-- the last time being the Michael Showalter Massacre, where Jeff and I were entreated to hours of The State-alumnus Showalter singing about the ten steps of making the perfect sandwich (I'm not kidding-- this may have been the most wretchedly unfunny thing I'd seen since Triumph of the Will).

Eugene was the highlight of that evening, and here, too, he ruled... his beyond-weird ramblings and recorded solictation calls are awesome. He did end on a lame bit, though, using two members of the audience and a weird "Speak and Spell"-type device called "Share or Dare." I won't even get into it, here, but... hardly the note he should have ended on.

Possibly the funniest person of the night, if not the funniest performance.

That being said... it wouldn't have been such a horrible thing if he could have gone five seconds without talking about his johnson.

After the debacle that was a few weeks ago, when I had tickets to see Patton perform but went to the State Theater on the wrong evening (d'oh!), I was ready for payback. And from the opening Simpsons-drone-reference of "Are You Ready to Laugh...???" I knew things were going to be great.

I'm not going to lie. I'd marry the guy. His CD "Feeling Kinda Patton" is one of my all-time favorite anything, and yet last night? 95% new stuff. And it was just as genius-y. I'd recite chapter and verse, but then I'd be spoiling it for you when his new CD drops in a few months.

Honestly. So good. So very, very good.

Boy howdy, I do love my comedy. And Patton? Patton's my Rushmore.

Though you know what? It wouldn't have been such a horrible thing if he could have gone five seconds without talking about his johnson.


Welcome home, Mom and Dad.

And congratulations, Brit-Brit!

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