Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Morning After

I had a blast last night at Clarendon Grill.

I think Jeff did, too. Then he didn't. Then he realized he did. And then he lost sight of the fun he'd had. Then he got it back. Then...

Anyway. We'll both get the lab results back in a couple of days, to know how we did.

This one's optimistic, this one went to market.


No wonder Tomkat was/were afraid to let Suri out of the bag.

Kidding, of course. The real picture is below... but... is that a baby toupee?


Horrible, horrible audio... but it's still worlds better than what it must have sounded like at the venue itself: apparently Timberlake('s band) has taken to covering "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Simply awful.


Radiohead fans-- see this? Love that look he gives the audience at the very beginning of the clip.


Less impressive (or not) is this.

If you have ever thought yourself lame; that you're wasting your life; this will make you feel much, much better.


Blogger Beta doesn't let you embed YouTube videos anymore... you may have noticed things are a bit more barren (barrener) around here as of late.


But this link is worth clicking in. One of my favorite Mr. Show clips, ever.


Last night, by the way, the first woman I spoke with told me of the hierarchy of chicken shit (swear to God).

The last talked to me about her life in Paris, culture, the arts...

Point being, things got better over time. I'm feeling that, right now.

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