Monday, September 25, 2006


First of all, please click here and read my latest review for Harmonium: a few paragraphs on the Decemberists' wonderful new album, The Crane Wife.

I actually tried to do something a bit different with this writeup, somewhat in the spirit of the band's character and overarching traits, if you will... and so I'd appreciate your cheers and/or jeers, pots and/or pans, thumbs up and/or thumbs down.

I just want to know if it was worth the effort, I guess.

Feel free to click here for an archive of my reviews, if you simply can't get enough.

Which would be perfectly understandable, given my near-bottomless talents. ;)


New Year, new workout regimen. You don't need to know the deets (!), just know that I'm gonna try to get back into things.

There's no reason not to.


The Iggles whooped up on the Niners yesterday, as they should have. The game wasn't televised locally, and I was with Teso yesterday afternoon, so I couldn't follow online or anything... but apparently it played out properly.

No injuries, I don't think.

So, between that and the Giants' loss (and this jabrone's post-game comments)... things are a good bit better than they were a week ago.

I even purchased an Eagles throw (60x80, not one of those 50x60 jobs) to celebrate.

See what happens when there's no Entourage to watch? I buy things!

Come back soon, Ari.


As promised, a pic from the other night of Ilise and my unbelievably fat face. If you were to see pics of Ilise and I in high school... they look markedly different, let's say.


Nothing else going on today. The weekend was relaxing, when it wasn't busy.

One final link before I go: Hugo Chavez May Have Anger Management Issues.

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