Sunday, September 17, 2006


Just a quick one, as I'm (mentally) away.

1) My parents left this morning, and I think we all enjoyed one another's company. They were beyond essential in allowing me to heal... with the aid of lots and lots of college football. That, and an ice pack, which I think you can still see in one of the pictures below.

2) I'm feeling great, now-- I'm even off the pain meds. Still a little bit of swelling, but the worst is (hopefully) behind me. I'm going back to the dentist's office tomorrow to have some stitches removed, but beyond that... knock on wood... this might be over and done with.

3) The Eagles tore my heart out today. That is all.

4) I suddenly have a completely full schedule this week-- I'm pretty much booked solid-- thanks to the arrival of Mr. Mike Benton, in from the Dominican Republic. Anyone who wants to say hello to Mike, let me know, and I'll connect you.

5) If you're only moderately excited about Mike this week, no worries... he'll be here from November through August, before he ships off to Copenhagen with Marie and Peary.

6) Milk was a bad choice.

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