Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Here's a Truckstop Instead of St. Peter's

You might hate this album.

But if you don't-- and I don't-- Ys (pronounced "eeees,") by Joanna Newsom is your album of the year. Think of Bjork singing ten-minute-plus folk epics over a harp, and... see?!? I've already lost you!

But trust me. Please, trust me. You'll hear nothing else like it, anywhere, and it completely destroys everything else I've heard all year.

It, in fact, caused me to shake the other day. Honest to God, it gave me a physical reaction. Which, as much as I love music, has never, EVER happened before.

You're not going to listen to it.

I know.

But it's your loss.

Strong, strong candidate for album of the year. If you don't believe me, check out the chart, a few posts down.


After a particularly flustering afternoon at work, I inadvertently ran into Benton again, converging at the local Five Guys. Good seeing him again, of course, but my brain was absolutely fried. Too much going on at work and at home. Which is to say... I'm going to be hard to reach until Sunday, so... email is best.

More frustrating than that, however-- I did the Patton Oswalt thing again.

After Five Guys, I took Mike to the shop, to pick up my outfit for Friday night's ohsosecret party, and what happens? The store was closed. It is one of those places where it's open until 7pm some nights, and 9pm on others.

I chose... poorly. We showed up at 7:45 on the wrong night. Doors closed, lights off, me... annoyed.

Thank goodness Mike laughed about the whole thing.


The Eagles loss still stings. Don't talk to me about it.


Much better, then, is this: the first of the three songs that the temporarily re-united R.E.M. played at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame ceremony the other night.

If you're anything like me, you'll get a little rush watching their performance of "Begin the Begin," with more-than-able assistance from drummer/farmer Bill Berry.

Aw, hell. Here's "Man on the Moon." And "Losing My Religion," too.

Still my favorite band ever, probably. A performance like this might explain why. Jesus, how great.

(edit): Michelle, this is for you. I cannot believe that video of this exists. How many times did we listen to this bootleg over the years?


Things are a bit of a whirlwind right now, but in a relatively good way. Work is starting to scare me-- Summer's imminent departure is rocking the waters a good bit-- but everything's gonna be fine. It's just the short-term, developing the solutions, figuring out where we're going to have to change and adapt, and...

I'm rambling.

But then, you knew that.

And I'm entitled, anyway.


Welcome back, Peter.




This, of course, merits its own post... but as it is ten minutes long (however well-done)... I'll just tuck it down here.

If any of this is new to you, let me know, and I shall yell at you unnecessarily, and force you to watch the video, over and over again.


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