Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Now It’s Flavor of the Month"

First things first, though.

The Eagles flat-out stink.


Thankfully, even with the Eagles serving up a stone-cold suck fest, I had a great weekend. Steph came in on Friday night, and instantly made everything better, as she tends to do. She had a bit of difficulty getting to my place, though, and so by the time she showed up (9pm or thereabouts, following six-plus hours on the road in from Ithaca), there was little to do but settle in on the couch, eat take-out Thai food and drink wine.

Which, come to think of it, was pretty damned fantastic.

Saturday revolved mostly around giving away my old desk, and getting new stuff delivered from Crate and Barrel. The pieces were delivered ahead of schedule, and look really good (in my humble opinion). Now, if I can get some artwork, some plants, some color in my apartment... I'll be done with things.

If I only had the eye for home design. Ah, well.


The rest of the day was spent hanging out with Steph, walking around Clarendon together, and... basically eating and drinking every two hours or so.

Which, again, was absolutely perfect.

Unfortunately, Steph had a wedding reception to attend-- arguably the main reason she'd come down here this time out-- and so I dropped her off in Georgetown at about 5pm or so.


At which point I began to prep for my big night out at the Black Cat.

I was a bit worried, as the doors weren't even opening until 9:30pm or thereabouts, and I was thinking to myself (old man that I am) whether I'd be able to make it through the night.

A few Netflix discs later (as opposed to the nap I'd promised myself to take), I drove downtown, and got to the club at about 10pm or so. For those of you who know me... that will probably shock you. I know I was surprised (not to be there at 5pm, waiting for the doors to open, in other words).

Anyway, so I get in, pick up my tickets... and immediately notice a sign that says that, in addition to the Wrens/+/- show that I was there to see, Girl Talk is playing the Backstage (the club's downstairs room) at 1am.

I've mentioned my love of Girl Talk on here before (in spite of the horrendous name, yes, I know), but for those who have no idea who or what Girl Talk is... it's one small guy, who made one very big party-sized mix CD, entitled Night Ripper, that basically cuts and pastes together tons and tons of disparate tunes, from Ludacris to James Taylor, from ODB to Neutral Milk Hotel, from Manfred Mann to Three Six Mafia and so on... and it's basically a music lover's wet dream.

If you'll pardon the expression.

Anyway, I decided to shell out the extra $8 and play things by year. Needless to say, the chance to see three of my current favorites in the same building (if not on the same bill) had me very, very excited.


After rock chick openers Palomar came on and did a nice job of warming the crowd up, and after some long-forgotten but very welcome tracks by Suede played overhead in-between, the guys of +/- came onstage. I was thrilled to see them for the first time, and by and large, they played an exceptionally tight set (scaring the shit out of people with the enormous volume 3/4 of the way into otherwise-soft opener "Let's Build a Fire"... which was hysterical, in a sadistic way).

I heard all but one of the songs I was hoping that they'd play, and their energy and tunes won over most of the audience. Bad mix-- the soundman must have been drunk off his ass-- but by and large, I was happy with what I saw and heard.

By the time the Wrens came on, though, it was already 12:15, and I was looking at my watch, nervously, to see if I'd have to duck out early in order to catch Girl Talk.

Now, to some people (click on "more" to read the description and learn why), the Wrens are the end-all, be-all... both live and on record. And though I really do like them quite a bit... by this point, I was hankerin' for a DJ set. And the main reason why was that, well, I like Girl Talk more.

That, and I can never understand the Wrens without a lyric sheet in front of me.

And the fact that, looking around, the room seemed to be filled with tons of fraternity guys pumping their fists and dropping their elbows (really) to what a guy in the line behind me had, earlier in the evening, referred to as "sad bastard music."

Name that movie reference, win a prize.

That, and tons of chatty people, who deemed it necessary to talk through an otherwise awesome performance... most notably during "Happy."



So, the Wrens were fantastic... really very, very impressive to see live... but they front-loaded their set with some of the best stuff from The Meadowlands, and so I left the room at 12:55am or so with head held high. This despite the Wrens' obviously superior showmanship, and despite not hearing "I've Made Enough Friends" or "Hopeless."

Oh, well. Down the stairs I went.


Good thing, too, as for the first time in quite possibly the history of mankind, a DJ showed up exactly when he was supposed to.

The 150 people or so in the small (sold-out) room were already packed tight, many of them in their finest Halloween costumes, and so when Greg walked in and the crowd went nuts and the laptop whirred and the BPM started to rise... it was pretty damned close to madness. In the best sense of the word.

Loud, raucous, and energetic, it seemed as though the room itself was in motion for the next hour or so, with everyone in attendance grinning from ear to ear the entire time.

Now, I haven't gone out dancing in years... but everything about the room, the set, the nearly overwhelming heat, the energy... was just tremendous. So much fun, so much everything. And, somewhat impressively (somewhat not), I was completely sober.

In case you were wondering.

Along with 30 of my closest friends, I even got up on stage, and found myself dancing between a girl in a bunny rabbit outfit and Greg (d/b/a Girl Talk) himself. By the time he ended things with a live cover of Nirvana's "Scentless Apprentice" (really), complete with crowd surfing and stage diving (and how many DJs can say any of that?), everyone was a sweaty-ass mess. And everyone was completely, totally exhausted... in, again, just about the best way possible.

Girl Talk fucking rules.

I worked my way over to Greg again, after his set, and thanked him both for his set (of course) and for Harmonium interview he gave Jed a few weeks back. Dude seemed genuinely appreciative, tagged Jed a cool guy (wonder why), and gave me a hug.



By the way, if you haven't visited Harmonium recently, Jed has been going absolutely bonkers. I haven't had the time to contribute, myself, but good Lord, look at what our little site has turned into.


Getting in at 3am or so last night would have been very rough, if not for the welcome appearance (?) of Daylight Savings Time.

Thank goodness for that extra hour. It couldn't have come at a better time.

After a surprisingly good night of sleep, and a surprisingly enjoyable cup of coffee, I said goodbye to Steph, and went here.

Yeah, I said it.


Mock me all you want, but at least I didn't waste three hours watching the Eagles.


You're... still mocking me, aren't you?

Well, don't knock it until you've tried it. That's all I'll say.


Some fun links tomorrow.

I need to eat now.

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