Friday, October 13, 2006

Knowing Me, David Berger; Sacking You, Comcast-- A-HA!

Short post, just to let you know I'm okay.

Except that Comcast has botched it again. My home connection is down, just as it was a few weeks ago, and the weeks before that, etcetera. So I'll be ending my relationship with Comcast as soon as humanly possible.

Worst company in the world.


The above title, by the way, is a reference to Knowing Me, Knowing You, and... well... you need to see it, if for some reason you have not.


Did you know?

My Morning Jacket tickets are already on sale?
Tenacious D tickets are on sale tomorrow morning?
Joanna Newsom tickets will probably never go on sale?



Everybody wish Teso good luck tonight, please.

Thank you.

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