Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Last Few Days

You’d think that I’d be suffering. With no Internet connection, you’d imagine, I’d be lost at sea. A complete and utter mess. Missing my blog, and missing you.

But you’d be wrong. Except for the “missing you” part, I mean.

My life has been much better since kicking Comcast to the curb. I’d rather have no connection at all than to have to deal with them any further. And even though it’s meant a few days “off,” I’ve had a nice couple of days. Relaxed. Happy.

Even with the Eagles loss.


Anyway, I registered online (at work, if memory serves) for Verizon DSL, and was told that my service would be good to go by Wednesday (tomorrow).

Wouldn’t you know I got the materials in the mail last night? I was very excited.

Yes, more excited than I should have been.

Unfortunately, the instructions expressly suggested that I wait until Wednesday night to put everything together. So, I guess that Verizon wound up being a bit of a tease. But with any luck, the worst of Verizon will still be better than the best Comcast had to offer.

Not that I’m still bitter or anything.


The biggest deal of the past several days was the unexpected visit I had with Jen Bowles (no relation, in case you’re wondering) yesterday afternoon. For those of you who don’t know, Jen was one of my closest friends at Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, back in the day, and along with Steph... she made life liveable. The two of them were and are terrific, even if both decided to strand me in the D.C. area (kidding, kidding).

So imagine my surprise when Jen (who has spent years in Argentina and Ann Arbor since moving away) gives me a call and says that, instead of Michigan, she’s in D.C.—in town because her husband is in Baltimore for the weekend. And that she wants to get together.

Anyway, I caught up with her for lunch, and had a great time. She’s just fantastic, as always, and… what a wonderful surprise, to see her, seemingly out of nowhere. And did I happen to mention that she’s five months pregnant, with little baby Iris?

Thanks for coming, Jen. You made my week.


What else is happening?

Uh, the Eagles lost. But… I guess it was a loss to a legitimately good team. And though we came out flat, at least we came back a good bit in the third quarter, and at least showed a bit of a pulse.

It wasn’t a horrible game, even if it was one we should have won.

That said… does anyone want a past-his-prime Michael Lewis? At these prices, we’re practically giving him away!


After a weekend or two away, and a busy couple of weeks at work, I did next to nothing over the weekend. And I loved it. I didn’t go anywhere, with the possible exception of my couch.

Apart from catching up on old episodes of Stella and Mr. Show, and watching Rashomon for the first time, I spent the weekend reading The Fountainhead.

And my 48 hours were fantastic, thank you very much.


Does anyone else like the Tiger Woods PGA Golf 2007 commercial, where he instructs the player to hit his iron off the tree?

Is it just me?



Charles Barkley on Terrell Owens last night, on Monday Night Football:

“If he was my teammate, I’d have hit him in the head a long time ago.”

Love that guy.


More in the next few days, including more wacky links.

And, given recent complaints, fewer curse words.

I swear.

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