Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The One Where I Go On and On About a Six-Month Old

In the wake of the life-affirming Eagles' win, I feel that there's a lot I haven't gone over yet regarding my weekend.

Like this, for starters:

Ryan, please don't eat your thank you note.


My weekend in Columbus was, as you might imagine, fantastic. It was great to see Mike and Michelle again, to see Mom and Dad, of course... but Ryan was kinda the star of the whole shebang. Moreso, even, that the assorted animals and Babs that popped up here and there throughout the weekend.

See, Michelle tried to surprise Mom with tickets to see La Streisand on Friday night. Didn't work (the surprise part), but... they both enjoyed themselves a ton.

Who knew that Barbara Streisand would ever set foot in Columbus? Let alone bring the President with her? The city is moving up in the world, I guess.

The men also enjoyed themselves a ton, gathering back at Chez Roche to watch football, hockey and baseball. Ryan seemed the most into it; Dad and I were a bit spent from a long travel day.

This is what happens when you get old: the Vulcan mind-meld becomes endlessly entertaining.


The rest of the weekend was spent eating the best ice cream in the country at Graeter's (sorry, Creamery), eating BBQ at a pig-themed restaurant (you heard me-- I ordered the water and was NOT disappointed), and yes, watching more football, hockey and baseball back at the house.

And watching Ryan experience his first pumpkin patch and his first go-round at the Columbus Zoo.

I'll be asked to take these pictures down, I'm sure.

So enjoy them now, while you still can.


Anyway, the entire weekend was great. I especially enjoyed the manatees at the zoo.



Yesterday was an exceptionally slow day at work, between the holiday and... well, I don't know what else... and so what did I do?

I sifted through the emails and the links you've been sending me.

Bunch of crazies.


Let's start with a bang, shall we?

Remember a few weeks ago, I posted to the top 10 Will Ferrell skits of all time? Well now, just in time for the movie (which I think comes out next month)... the Top 10 Borat skits of all-time.



You don't know it yet, but this is going to be your favorite show next year.


Ever wonder (Whaddya mean "no"? I haven't asked the question yet!) how much it costs to bring your favorite band to town? Well, check out this list, and see what I was swimming in back in my days on the Cornell Concert Comission.

Wait, wait, WAIT. We're paying how much for Hootie, again???

Speaking of the good 'ol days... rest in peace, Tower Records.


Best Ren & Stimpy episode, ever.

At least, best that I can remember.


Now, I know I tell you that "this is the greatest clip you'll ever see" a bit more frequently than I should... but then the Internet is a wonderful thing.

Along those lines, just note that this warrants your immediate attention.


If you can get this to work, it'd be pretty cool, I suppose.


Fascinating and vaguely horrifying blog entry on the antichrist (guy doesn't even merit a capital "A" in my book), Rick Santorum.

Read it and weep.


Thanks to Ilise, you can get your daily bunny fix anytime you want.

I'd forgotten about those little things.


I need to sleep... why won't you let me/
I need to sleep... why won't you?


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decemberists - after the bombs
catherine wheel - black metallic
the fall - the classical
the polyphonic spree - hangin' around the day

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