Wednesday, October 11, 2006

POP C(andy)

I really should have linked to Pop Candy a long time ago.

A LONG time ago.

I read Whitney's column often, and swipe so many of her links that I owe her at least one (1) latte. Or one (1) frappucino. Her choice.

Anyway, by way of apology, I'm listing Pop Candy over to the right. And swiping two more links.


Check out George Michael (no, not the old, boring one) doing comedy, and a tremendous article on the real Poppa Bear, Stephen Colbert, here.


I can't go a day without prattling on and on about Ricky Gervais, can I?

Check out a Stereogum-endorsed clip from Extras, featuring Chris Martin, here.

Speaking of which, you should probably visit and/or support Make Trade Fair... otherwise Chris will come to your house and, er, sing, or something.


I wish I still lived in Atlanta. Not just because I miss Criminal Records (though I do), but because of this l'il show:


Oh, well. At least I don't live in Croatia.


the hold steady - chillout tent
wilco - outtasite (outtamind)
outkast - so fresh, so clean
my morning jacket - mahgeeta
of montreal - the past is a grotesque animal (HOLY SHIT)

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