Thursday, October 19, 2006


This week has been a bit of a blur. Do you ever have the sense, when there's not as much going on in your life, that things are just passing you by?

That's been the past few days for me. I feel like I've been sleepwalking a bit.

Sure, there was a nice happy hour with Summer, Heather and Bridget last night, to make up for the aborted "shappy hour" (don't ask) of the night before.

And yes, Clarendon Day (whatever that is) takes place on Saturday, after which Jeff and I are going to go boxing.

But apart from that, I've been spacing.

I've been sleeping through my alarm, haven't been working out as I'd been... something seems a bit off.


If you have guesses, my suggestion box is open.

So to speak.


Let's wrangle some links, then, shall we?

1) A column from a week or so ago, from old friend Keith Olbermann. I'd say that I stand by him 100%... but then I wouldn't want to be accused of treason, or worse, hyperbole.

Either way, an interesting read from someone who used to make his living grunting "Houston! Hello!"

2) Many thanks to Pete (and to his friend, Bill) for pointing me towards the best resume in the history of the world.

Kind of.

Be sure to watch the video after you read the article. It's a beaut.

3) The lamest thing you've ever seen, until about 1:20 into things (and you can thank South Park for this)... Mister Leeroy Jenkins.

4) A quick, handheld video that proves God's existence (from another angle).

5) Staying on the sports front, a great page of the most ridiculous coaching meltdowns of all time. Includes Koharski's "have another donut!" blast, and Woody Hayes being, um, Woody Hayes.

6) Surprisingly, I think I only have about 14 of these.

7) Finally, I don't know if this is fantastic or merely creepy.

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