Friday, October 13, 2006

Taking My Leave

It is done.

I am no longer a Comcast subscriber-- at least not with respect to their awful, AWFUL high-speed internet.


Instead, I will be using Verizon DSL. My connection will be a bit slower, perhaps, but then I'd guess my internet will be up and running more than 55% of the time.

Which will be nice.


Anyway, just wanted to drop in and say that, until Verizon is set up, on or about Wednesday... posts here might be infrequent at best.

But fear not, fellow nerds... I'll make up for any lost time with lots of links to stupid twaddle. Time-wasters galore.

And of course, I'll fill you in on all the big doings of my life: trips to TJ Maxx, showers where I get particularly clean, the odd concert report on a band you've never heard of...

It will be AWESOME.

So long as the Verizon thingy works, that is. Fingers crossed, right?


the hold steady - chips ahoy!
ben folds - gone
r.e.m. - feeling gravity's pull
pavement - summer babe (winter version)
camper van beethoven - take the skinheads bowling


Anonymous said...

Your parents read this and you use language like that? Shame, shame.

Heather said...

eww. where you get "particularly clean?" cmon.