Friday, November 17, 2006

The Season of the Nerd

Well, we're not in the new LegalSource building, yet-- not quite-- but at least this is the last day of packing things up, of living in such tight quarters with such smelly, unfeeling boxes.



Anyway, maybe that's been what's affecting my mood this week. The boxes. Come to think of it, it's probably just been the weather.

Either way, I was feeling much better yesterday. It was a good day at work-- productive, put a few people on projects, got a lot done-- and then...

I got a PS2.


I don't need to get into the how or why, except to say that it was through legit means. Point being, I was effectively given a Playstation yesterday, gratis.

And that, friends, is quite cool.

Granted, I haven't gamed (oh, God) since the heady days of the Colecovision and the first Nintendo unit, but I haven't lost my weird fascination with games, either.

So when the offer came, along with five pretty strong games... I hooked that bitch up to my television immediately.

And it looked... beautiful...


It made me think of a co-worker whom I'd spoken to almost a year ago, when I was explaining the whole marriage situation to him.

He got very excited at one point (which was unusual, to say the least), and effectively told me that "this was my chance!" or something to that effect.

Not my chance, mind, to date every woman in the city.

It was the perfect opportunity, he said, to get an Xbox 360, or a PS2, and make my place a real bachelor pad. Play Madden all day. Get a headset and play in leagues with this person in Idaho, or that person in Louisiana.

If memory serves, I laughed politely. Maybe I groaned, who knows. But on the inside, I was intrigued by the whole Madden part.

My only concern was that I definitely didn't want to turn into this guy:


After playing a few of the games last night, and getting a bit of a weird pre-teen buzz on... I went to eBay, bought Madden 2006 for spare change, and waited. Why 2006?

Only a few more days until it arrives.

C'mon... c'MON!!!

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