Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cleaning Out the Bookmarks

Good morning!

The rain has cleared, the election is past us (or all but, happily), K-Fed is out of our lives, Lost is over with for the next three months... we're shifting into a new phase, of sorts.

Oh... and there's this:

Needless to say, it seems like a few things have been put to bed, so... how about some links?


1) Quick... before the backlash really takes hold! Pass around this handy-dandy Borat soundboard to all your co-workers!

As an aside... a few of us are seeing the movie tonight. I have only heard tremendous things, to this point, so expectations are pretty high.

2) Cameo or no, this... this can't be right, can it?

3) Speaking of movies... here are the trailers for the new Jim Carrey film and the hopefully more promising Evan Almighty.

Looks like at least one of them has monkeys in it... sold!

4) Okay... so, by now you know that K-Fed is officially Fed-Ex (with apologies to Freddie Mitchell, I suppose).

But did you know that Britney dinged the poor guy (what am I saying) by frickin' text message? And that K-Fed got said text while conducting an interview... as the cameras were still rolling?


5) You probably also heard about this by now, as well... but in case you missed it, Faith Hill did NOT like losing a CMA award to Carrie Underwood.

I mean, she says differently now, but you and I... we know the truth.

6) In happier tidings, this clip from Letterman is one of the funnier things Will Ferrell has done since his award-winning portrayal of legendary jazz flautist Ron Burgundy.

Or this, I suppose.

7) Here's a band comparison that many have made over the years (not quite as much as they used to, sadly), with a few odd wrinkles scattered throughout. Not a bad read.

8) And speaking of, here's some (kinda poor, admittedly) footage of the Decemberists' Halloween show, where as an encore, they played not one, not two, but THREE R.E.M. covers-- "Begin the Begin," "Cuyahoga" and "Superman."

Best. Geeks. Ever.

9) I've posted Flaming Lips clips on here from time to time, as you might recall, but even if you're not a fan of the band... this behind-the-scenes video explains why so many are.

It probably has something to do with the fact that they put on a show.

10) No, Vomitor.

Stop it.

That's a bad Vomitor!

Put the clothing line down, and play some goddamned football already.



Okay... I can't end it on that note.

So, something better.

How about Office Space, re-worked as a horror film?