Sunday, November 19, 2006

Columbus / Agent Zero

From this, which made me mist up:

To this, which also made me mist up:

... yesterday was a pretty damned great day to be a fan of The Ohio State University. Though I had to stop watching the game after 3 quarters (more on that in a second), I watched the remainder of it this morning, and realized what pretty much everyone else did... that it was one of the more entertaining college football games of my lifetime.

Maybe that's just the victory talking; maybe if I were a fan of the maize and blue I'd think differently this morning.

For now, though, the Bucks remain atop every poll, and have one game left to play for the National Championship.

Very, very happy for my sister and her extended OSU family.


Oh. Penn State won, Cornell beat Penn, and Emory?

Well, Emory doesn't have a football team.

But they did get a big win this weekend, in their own special way.


The reason, incidentally, that Jeff and I had to put our beers down and step away from the television early was that I'd gotten tickets through work to go to last night's Wizards-Cavaliers game.

Which wouldn't be any big deal, except that we had sweet luxury box tickets, an additional two seats only a few rows from courtside, and some guy named Lebron James was in town.

Before Jeff and I left, I showed him a video I'd found; the most recent addition to the "that is the greatest thing I've ever found on the Internet" club, that seems to be growing at a horrifying rate.

No set up.

Don't even read the description when you click on the page.

Just watch the video for two minutes or so.

Then pick your jaw up off the desk.


Lebron seemed somehow off last night; the Cavs as a whole seemed pretty sluggish. A few nice passes, a solid dunk or two, but last night just wasn't the Lebron Show we were hoping for.

Instead, it was all about Agent Zero.

Fellow blogger Gilbert Arenas is now, officially, the Man. He was completely in the zone last night-- he had 45 points by the time they took him out with 9 minutes left in the fourth quarter. It was unbelievable to watch.

Almost as entertaining as this.


Interestingly, no one dropped any Borat quotes or songs last night.

Nope, not a one.


Well, maybe just three hundred or so.


The game was great, but the luxury box and the company was better. No alcohol (allegedly), but tons of food and drink, as well as the appearance of a dessert cart that was re-goddamned-diculous.

Jeff and I were there, along with about 20 of Pete and Shari's friends, who were collectively (and individually!) a lot of fun. We went out for drinks after the game, and had as good a time as we possibly could, given that we were sitting outside in the cold for a half-hour at a time, watching as a drunken pastor with a cigar accosted our women, talking about his service in 'Nam, and generally bringing the mood down... albeit it in a darkly funny kind of way.

Maybe you had to be there. It played much better than it probably reads.



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