Monday, November 20, 2006


You'd think I'd be upset this morning.

For one thing, my football team went down the crapper yesterday when this happened:

As expected, WIP is on red alert this morning.

Then (back to last night), my plans for the evening got postponed. Not canceled, mercifully, just postponed. Still, I suddenly had an empty evening.


Didn't matter.

I'm feeling good.

Very good.

'Cuz we're going to Vegas. Finally. Chris, Jeff and I booked our plans for the trip yesterday afternoon.

On the opening weekend of March Madness, the three of us are going to be sitting in the sports books, in the casinos, in... other places (I think Jeff mentioned something about a donkey show)...

We might mix in a helicopter tour, see Prince at his new hotel, egg Siegfried & Roy's house... it's hard to know what we'll do.

All I know is that it should be a blast.

Though, for the record, I'm anti-donkey show.


What else? Oh... I'm leaving in a little while for the first day at the new place.

I've got my fingers crossed that it's a nice fit for everyone... and that Cafe Asia doesn't run out of sushi over the next few weeks.


Hogwarts is open again!

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