Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Leaving Early

So, after a second-straight fourth-place finish at trivia night, I ended up taking Mike home with me.

Meaning, sickos, that he'd had a few pops, and I drove him back to my place so that he could crash out.

Which is exactly what he did, right after playing roughly three straight hours of Grand Theft Auto.

Ah, Mike.


Let's all thank Mike, by the way, for pointing us towards Al Pacino checking his bank balance.


Whether it was because I was feeling ill well before Monday night had even began, or due to my getting very little sleep before Tuesday's 7:30am meeting, or whatever... yesterday was an absolute trial. I couldn't focus on anything, and what had been percolating as a cold, of sorts, turned into a sledgehammer-type thing by early afternoon. I could barely breathe at points.

So, I took off, went home, and slept for the next several hours.


I would have slept even longer, into the night, but I just had to go to the My Morning Jacket show. And though ordinarily I may have bailed, feeling the way that I did, I had Jay's ticket as well as my own. Plus, I'd been looking forward to the show for a long time.

So, with several Airborne tablets down, a shitload of liquids, several soups, some take-out Chinese ingested as well... I thought I'd done enough to get me through the evening.



I met up with Jay in time to watch the suprisingly enjoyable opening band, The Slip, who chose to play with wolf hats on their heads (don't ask, even though it was hysterical) before ending with an impressive cover of "Baba O'Riley"... and then made it roughly 8-10 songs into the MMJ set before (a) I needed to go to the bathroom, (b) I discovered that I couldn't possibly get back to Jay given the crowd afterwards, and that (c) I couldn't see anything from any other vantage point. I went upstairs, downstairs, along the sides-- the place was absolutely packed.

Damned sold out shows.

So, roughly one half-hour into this show I was really looking forward to, I bailed. The smoke and noise were almost certainly doing me no favors. And so, with apologies to Jay and the band, I left.

And felt next to no remorse when, as soon as I got home, my head hit the pillow and I conked out completely.


I'm feeling a good bit better this morning, even if Jay probably hates me.

I hope the day goes well.


Maybe one of these will be enough to win your trust, man. Thanks for understanding.

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