Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Moment with Craig Finn

I saw the sold out Hold Steady show last night at the Black Cat, and had, all in all, a pretty good time (alongside a roomful of hirsuite mooks and overweight English majors).

Not so good that I would go on and on about it, but good nevertheless. The Boys and Girls in America singalongs worked best, obviously... "First Night," "Chips Ahoy!" and "Party Pit" were particularly strong.

Anyway, before I forget... to see Craig Finn, the lead singer/chanter/speaker, perform-- it strikes you that he looks and acts like a bizarro cross between these two guys. Odd, to say the least.

(David Wain eating a pickle), and


Feel free to throw in a pinch of Benny from L.A. Law, telling everyone how much he loves them, and that this is the bestest night, like, ever, and that he might just explode from joy... and you've just about got it.

What does that mean? Who knows.

It's just that... there was a lot of artifice there. And if you buy into the Meat Loaf-style, so-impassioned-it-hurts style... it may be the best show you'll ever see.

If you don't... meh?

Me? Somewhere in-between.


Admit it-- you've missed these incoherent ramblings, right?


Everyone say "hi, Monica."

Hi, Monica.


The latest Ricky Gervais podcast (free! free! free!) may be the funniest one, ever.

Just saying, get thee to iTunes, post haste.


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