Sunday, November 12, 2006


A quiet, satisfying, restful weekend. In no order:

* Saw the ultrasound of a family friend's new baby girl. Promptly got a bit emotional.

* Watched the Eagles return to form... sorta... kinda. A 27-3 win over the 'Skins sounds good... but if you watched the game, you know the Eagles were hardly impressive.

* Cooked a lot. Made myself a banana smoothie, some asparagus, some wraps, some chili (thought I'd be having company for the ballgame), and a few other things. Realized I hadn't cooked that much food since the early 90s.

* Went for a bike ride for the first time in over 20 years.

* Walked through a few area gyms (Washington Sports Club and Gold's Gym in Clarendon, if you're scoring) in search of a good pool; found not a one. Will likely go to the local high schools, per the suggestion of my handy Arlington things-to-do/recreation packet.

* Spoke with a few friends for the first time in way too long.

* Cleaned the apartment. Which, of course, satisfied my OCD side.

* Made a list of my top 25 bands of all time, to distract me from eating all the food I'd cooked.


This week is looking to be my first "busy" week in awhile.

If you don't hear from me, I'm not trying to ignore you. Just trying to get out of the house a bit more than I've been as of late.


noel gallagher - it's good to be free (live)
tenacious d - beelzeboss
prince - housequake
u2 - window in the skies
red house painters - river

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