Sunday, December 03, 2006


Lately, I've been

* introducing Monica and Jeff to one another;

* helping a new recruiter get started at LegalSource;

* working to staff several projects at the same time;

* caring not at all for Philadelphia-based sports teams;

* missing my parents, who are at Disneyworld for the week;

* learning more about Gaithersburg than I'd ever known before;

* going to Clyde's and then to the best hockey game ever; and

* witnessing the greatest band in history in a live spectacle.


OK, so the D show isn't until tonight, but it's obviously going to be the greatest show in the history of mankind.

That's what they've promised, anyway, and so that's what I choose to believe.


Bob Ryan and the Sports Guy have some things to discuss with one another.


Speaking of worlds colliding, apparently the Decemberists and Stephen Colbert also have some things to discuss with one another.


Proving that ombudsmen can say what they want, but that they are generally powerless to change anything, here's ESPN's George Solomon, talking a lot and saying nothing about that racist asshole, the one, the only, Michael "SAME INTENSITY!" Irvin.


None of this will come as news to Jeff.


As a great maitre d' once said, I weep for the future.


Then again, there's always hope.

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