Friday, December 08, 2006


Apart from finally, finally catching up on the Sopranos (which came dangerously close to being bittersweet, as the show really was/is every bit as incredible as you'd been telling me-- shocking, I know), nothing new has been happening.

I'm sorry-- it makes for a crap update, right?

But look: work has been busier than usual. Not much more to say about that. Work is what it is.

I haven't been going out that much, either, though that's about to change, with all the holiday parties around the corner.

Oh, and I still can't fully shake this goddamned cough.

But apart from that, what else is new?


So, what's there to do, but unload some of the links I've found this week?



It's never too early to start decorating the tree (or the house!) with some lovely Christmas pornaments.

If you're a more adult viewer of this site, I could hook you up with some legitimately unsavory links, but... I wouldn't want to get you in trouble, now.

Not at work, anyway.

Thanks, though, to Vicki and Libby. Girl power, and all that. ;)


Get psyched for Rocky Balboa (I'm serious-- stop laughing at me) by reading one of the best (and longest) celebrity Q & A's ever.

The readers of AICN ask, Sly answers.

And drops gems like this throughout:

"The reason Rocky IV seems a little disjointed is because I was having a conflict with Bill Conti at the time and decided to go in a different direction, which I’m sorry for. Also, I think the whole premise of the film was based too much on “the fight” and not the personal struggles that preceded the fight. If I had to do it all over again, I would’ve hired Bill Conti, married Ivan Drago and punched out Brigitte Nielsen."

Outstanding, Sly.


Best thing about this is the theme song aping Coltrane about fifteen seconds in. I'm sure he'd be thrilled.


Thanks to Chris for sending this along, but as I told him, I don't think there's enough bile or racist content there to make it truly funny.


What if there was a classic NBA game and nobody noticed?


Some special Hold Steady goodness-- b-sides and the like-- can be found hyah. If you like what you hear, lemme know, and I'll hook you up with the real deal.

Cheap, too.


Actually, you probably should have checked this windowlicker out before you got into all the Hold Steady shiz.


A last musical nugget-- please catch up with me (circa 1994, as always), and learn about the glory that is Pulp.


Finally, this... can't be a good idea.

Can it?

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