Monday, December 11, 2006

The Weekend in Sports

Another great weekend.

Monica and I went up to Baltimore on Friday night to see Ilise and Paul, and to join in the celebration of Ilise's 25th birthday. Unfortunately, we didn't get there early enough for the 7-9pm ice skating extravaganza (or fortunately, perhaps, as apparently it was colder inside of the indoor skating rink than it was outdoors), but we did meet everyone up at the bar afterwards.

And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Even my financial planner was there. See, Ilise and Paul have hundreds of friends, all of whom I've met once before (save for Eileen, whom I'm pretty sure I've met twice)... either way, the place was packed.

And loud enough that I couldn't hear myself think. But it was still pretty great that Ilise and Monica were able to meet one another... which I think went well. The two of them lapsed into medical jargon so quickly that really, they could have been talking about anything and I would have done the dumb guy nod, as I believe I did a bit too much. We only stayed for a short while, given the longish drive home, but the night was a blast.

Until I came back to the car and found a parking ticket, for (wait for it...) parking in front of a bus stop.

Neither of us saw a f'g bus stop... nor any signs suggesting that we'd parked illegally. But hey, it was only $50... which somehow seemed reasonable, given that we were only two blocks from the bar on a very cold night. So, all in all, a worthwhile fine.

Thank you, Baltimore!


Saturday was a nice, lazy weekend day. Monica and I hung around, did a bit of shopping, grabbed a few meals here and there, went to a wine store for a mini-tasting of sorts... and then got together with her cousin Stacy for dinner in Bethesda.

Stacy was and is hysterical, and so the three of us had a great time. Lots 'o laughs, especially given all of the people inexplicably wearing 80s fashions at the restaurant.


Did the Eagles win again yesterday?

Didn't notice.

Maybe it was because they nearly gave it away at the end.

Maybe because it was the Redskins, and I never took the game seriously.

Or maybe it was because the game was so boring that I fell asleep midway through.

Anyway-- I was happy to have turned down the corporate seats for this one. Better to stay warm and doze gently throughout.

All the while winning a bet.


Last night, I watched the Da Vinci Code. And while I liked the book for being such an easy read... the movie was somehow less satisfying.

Not that I was looking for art, mind. But Tom Hanks seemed like he was reading his lines off of a page, and the whole thing.. I dunno. I wish I could say I enjoyed it more.

At least Ian McKellen was in it, and he, as always, was fun to watch.


Some Harmonium pieces might be coming in soon, but because it's the end of the year and I've been so busy... I'm not yet convinced that they approach my best stuff.

I'll let you know if my confidence in them increases.


Weird that Allen Iverson will be traded by tomorrow at the latest, according to reports.

Isn't this like having a body that's ridden with disease, and getting rid of the healthy parts?

Anyway, while you're still on our team, A.I., thank you.

I'm assuming you read my blog, of course.

If you don't... well, someone will pass this along.

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